Two Blur Guys


Two Blur Guys, located on Tanjong Pagar Road but yet hidden between an array of Japanese restaurants with a not so apparent sign, is a small gourmet burger joint. Although spacing is quite restricted, the restaurant offers outdoor and indoor seating for your convenience. It doesn’t have a distinctive ambience since even the tables aren’t uniform and varies from two person to bar height tables. Nevertheless, the menu choices for burgers caters to all preferences from beef, pork, chicken and smoke salmon.

From their many different types of burgers, I decided to go with what is considered the safe option when a signature burger isn’t advertised anywhere. In this case this was the Prime Beef priced at 15.95$ SGD. The burger arrived on a nice wooden block with potato wedges topped with cheese and garden greens.

I requested my meat well done, but it arrived with more pink, hence not cooked enough for my liking and the patty was also thinner than normal. At least the meat was tender and juicy and it sat between a wholemeal bun. The combination of the gruyere cheese and truffle mayonnaise definitely added a much needed kick to the tasteless meat. The tomato and sweet relish were also a good compliment to the burger.

Overall the burger was good and the cheese and truffle mayonnaise definitely played a big role in enhancing the overall flavour of the meat. The bun was very simple and it always bothers me when my meat is not well done as I request it to be. Although it wasn’t a burger that was falling apart, it was greasy making it a bit messy to eat and the patty felt too small to justify the price. For these reasons I give it an overall rating of 3/5.

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