Gaucho BurgerLocated in the Dubai International Financial Centre downtown, is the famous International Argentinian steakhouse known as Gaucho. This luxurious fine dining restaurant offers the Gaucho Burger, one of the top ones I’ve tasted in Dubai.

Definitely on the pricey side but worth it, the 120 AED gourmet Gaucho Burger comes served on a white plate in a delicious sesame bun. The good portion size of high quality grass fed beef is cooked to your liking, in my case well done, and tastes delicious with its rich flavor and chipotle chutney to compliment. It also came with cheddar cheese, tomato and lettuce toppings and wasn’t messy to eat.

I changed my fries for salad, which was a great choice as it was one of the best side salads I’ve tasted so far. The complimentary bread given at the beginning with its butters and sauces were also excellent.

The Gaucho burger is one of the best I’ve tasted in Dubai along with the breads and salad. My overall rating for this burger experience is a 5/5.

OMG Burger


OMG Burger SignOMG Burger is a new concept venue where an old church was transformed into a restaurant. Located in the Eastern Townships in the City of Sherbrooke, this place ironically adopted a devilish decor to create the ‘Oh My God’ food temptation that turns into a desire.

The OMG Burger, which costs 12 CDN$ (before taxes), comes served in a metal tray with the choice of the coleslaw salad or fries and accompanied by a soup of the day. The meat comes well done, as it always does in Quebec, with cheese, lettuce, tomato and their homemade mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise condiments. I must say that despite all this the burger had no taste and was quite dry.

It is definitely worth coming to this place just to see the decor as they’ve done such a wonderful job turning a church into a restaurant. The next time I’m in town, I’ll probably come here just to sit at the bar and enjoy a drink 😉 My overall rating for this burger is 2/5.

OMGOMG Burger Plate


The Burger Bar


Supersonic Burger PlateThe Burger Bar located on Crescent street in Downtown Montreal is well known for its location and huge variety of different burgers. In the center of all the action, this American concept burger joint, yet with a touch of French Québécois added, is well worth the visit.

For 17 $CDN (before taxes), I ordered the Supersonic burger which consisted of a well done AAA beef patty, Jalsberg cheese, bacon, pickles, lettuce, peppers and spicy mayonnaise. Let’s not forget that it was topped with three delicious onion rings. It came in a sesame bun served on a white rectangular plate and choice of coleslaw, mixed greens or fries. I chose the mixed greens and even though this burger was massive and extremely messy to eat, it was worth every drip as it was so juicy and tasteful. The overall mixture of the ingredients blended well together and it made it one of the best gourmet burgers I’ve had so far.

I will definitely come here again the next time I’m in the city and try a different burger. They have so many choices and they offer the Hangover burger, which consists of poutine added (poutine is the well known French Canadian dish). This place is more of a burger porn joint and my overall rating is 5/5.

Maison Bagatelle


Burger BagatelleMaison Bagatelle located downtown by Souk Al Bahar and the Dubai Mall is a French Café concept well known for their breakfasts and food in general.

On the menu can be found the Burger Bagatelle, a wagyu beef burger served with truffle mayonnaise that comes with lettuce, pickles and tomato toppings. Slightly on the expensive side, this 82 AED burger is well worth the cost. Cooked to my usual well done liking, this nice portion of meat with the truffle mayonnaise combination made it one of the tastiest burgers I’ve had the pleasure of encountering in Dubai. I also kept the side of fries, which I usually change for a salad, that were nice and crispy on the outside.

I would come and eat this burger again and my overall rating is a 4/5.


Burger 360


The B360 Burger PlateBurger 360 is a burger joint located on the Marina Walk, which is on the same side as the Grosvenor House Hotel. The atmosphere is quite distinctive with its dark colors and opened air concept kitchen area. As soon as you sit down they bring you a complimentary drink that resembles a shot, but without the alcohol of course 😉

Complimentary DrinkThis place is apparently known for its B360 signature burger. For 45 AED, the burger comes stuffed with all of the ingredients already inside the beef patty and some mayonnaise. The ingredients consisted of caramelized onions, cheese and mushrooms. When it first arrived in an oat bun on a black block, I thought it looked pretty empty as I hadn’t realized that all the elements were cooked inside. It was accompanied by coleslaw, two small pickles and ketchup. Nevertheless, this well done burger wasn’t really juicy and the bun not as good as it looked. Luckily it wasn’t messy to eat since everything was stuffed inside, although I do question to what extent since I didn’t find it had much of the flavor or taste.

If I came here again I would try other burgers and my overall rating is 2/5.

Les Péchés de Pinocchio Restaurant


Burger de Boeuf AngusLes Péchés de Pinocchio Restaurant, located in a small town called Magog in the Eastern Townships, is situated on the main street beside the Jack-O restaurant. Close to the Memphrémagog Lake, this nice, warm and cozy ambience, yet elegant, little gem serves amazing food.

The Angus Beef Burger comes served on a white rectangular plate with choice of fries or salad. The bun was nice and fresh and the meat well cooked, as it always is in Quebec, with the expected cheese, lettuce, tomato and bacon toppings. Everything about this burger was excellent. The portion was just right, the meat was juicy enough and the taste was simply amazing.

The staff was very friendly and for 16 CDN$ (before taxes), I would definitely have this burger again and plan to the next time I’m in town. My overall rating is 4/5.

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