OverEasy, an all-American diner and bar with two convenient locations, Fullterton and Orchard, serves the classics from burgers and fries, mac & cheese to milkshakes. The Fullterton venue is the waterfront location that overlooks the iconic Marina Bay Sands and close by the famous Merlion. With the choice of outdoor and indoor seating, modern yet vibrant colours, this place is everything you need to find that diner-style experience that you’ve been looking for and a little more.

The Fullerton outlet has a set lunch menu for 26$ SGD, where one of their signature burgers is offered, the “To Die For”. The burger is served on a white rounded blue checkered pattern plate with a side of fries. The pickle interestingly sat at the top of the burger and was held by a toothpick with an OverEasy flag. You will notice as well that lately I’ve been having the fries instead of swapping them for a salad. For an extra 2$ SGD you can upgrade to truffle fries but I kept the regular ones.

This burger contained the regular lettuce, tomato, onions and cheese ingredients that you expect to find. I requested my meat to be well done as usual, but it was medium as the pink could clearly be spotted. The generous portion of meat was very tender and juicy though. The overeasy’s special burger sauce definitely enhanced the overall flavour as well. The bun on the other hand reminded me of a McDonald’s bun and eventually became very soggy due to the juiciness of the meat and the sauce.

The burger was nice but I am always bothered when my meat is not well done. The bun was also too plain. However, I would still come back and enjoy another one as the meat with the special made it very tasty. I give this burger a 3/5.

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