Omakase Burger


Omakase Burger, located in Wisma Atria inside the Picnic Food Park Level 3, specializes in “American” burgers despite what its Japanese name might imply otherwise. The picnic food park is an interesting place as it resembles what its name indicates, a garden themed food hall. The decoration consists of artificial indoor grass, trees, plants, picnic tables and other wooden style tables to suit small and large groups. The restaurants are in food truck concepts that you order from and have to go back and get to make it feel even more like you’re in a park.

Omakase is apparently known for its Apple Wood Smoked Bacon, which you can find in their Apple Wood Smoked Bacon Cheeseburger and Ultimate Cheeseburger. They were out of their famous bacon, and as they are known for this I didn’t want to try it and have it replaced with some other ordinary bacon for the same amount. I therefore decided to go for the simple Omakase Cheeseburger priced at 16.90$ SGD, although their website indicates that it’s 2$ cheaper. The burgers also don’t come with any fries or salad, so I decided to do without.

Since this is a food hall you’re given a pager and it lights up when your food is ready to be picked up. The burger was given in a black food basket and sitting in a branded wrapper. As usual I asked for my meat to be well done and it came with lettuce, tomato, American yellow cheese and their secret sauce.

The burger was quite disappointing. The bread was dry, the beef patty was small and I couldn’t really tell what their secret sauce was as there wasn’t any distinctive taste. It was also dripping but at least I wasn’t bothered too much since it was contained within the wrapper.

My overall rating for this burger is 2/5 as I don’t find that it’s worth the money and doesn’t match the price on their website. They also didn’t have their famous bacon, which doesn’t give much hope for trying the other burgers. The bread was dry, although they also claim to have a premium bun. I would definitely come back to the Picnic Food Park but I wouldn’t order from Omakase Burger again.


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