Hans im Glück


Hans im Glück, located on Orchard Road by the International Building, is a German restaurant from Munich known for its gourmet burgers and has chosen Singapore to be the first place where they open an International branch. This wood themed concept burger grill and bar provides and extensive outdoor and indoor seating option while surrounded by birch tree trunks and oak furniture; tables, block chairs and benches. The overall ambience gives the impression that you’re having a meal in the middle of the forest.

They have an extensive menu of burgers that cater to all dietary preferences; beef, chicken, vegetarian and vegan. I went for the KÄSE & SPECK, a juicy beef burger with aged cheese and bacon priced at 17$ SGD. You can choose your bun from sourdough, multigrain or you can also simply choose to go naked. The meat also automatically comes cooked well done.It doesn’t include a side order but for 6$ SGD I added the SÜSSKARTOFFEL FRITTEN, which are sweet potato fries.

The burger was served in a rectangular plate with the well done meat sitting between the multigrain bun option I chose. The meat was tender and juicy, although I thought the patty was a bit small (there is an option to double it up for 4$ SGD extra), however it was a perfect mix and balance with the lettuce, onions, cheese and bacon. The burger also came with the HANS IM GLÜCK SAUCE and a hint of what tasted like spicy mustard. All the ingredients blended well and made this one of the best burgers I’ve had in Singapore. It wasn’t messy at all to eat, which is always a plus.

I thought that the bread was a tad dry, but the sauce and the juicy beef didn’t make it noticeable at all while eating. This burger was delicious and I would come back here again and try their other burgers. My overall rating is 5/5.


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