Fatboys the Burger Bar


Fatboys the Burger Bar, as its name indicates, is a burger bar located on Orchard Road by Dhoby Ghaut MRT with many different outlets spread across the island for convenience and a presence established in Malaysia and China as well. This venue has a cozy diner style look and feel and features a variety of burgers. It even allows you to byob (build your own burger) in order to cater to specific tastes. They claim that you can create up to 4,400 burger combinations. This is definitely the place to come if you wish to have full control of your plate.

Overwhelmed by their menu and the many choices of burgers along with the option to create your own, I went with what is usually considered the safest – one of their signature burgers. I chose The Wimpy, which is a single version of their famous Fat Basterd. Priced at 15$ SGD, it comes with a side of fries and you can choose your meat (beef, lamb or pork), which comes served medium well unless instructed otherwise. I went with the beef of course and requested my meat to be well done as I always do.

The burger arrived on a white rounded plate and the meat sat between a sesame seed buttered bun with a Fatboy the Burger Bar flag toothpick sign inserted in the middle. It contained bacon, cheddar cheese and a fried egg. The tomato and lettuce were placed on the side. Although the patty was thin (I should’ve went for the double beef Fat Basterd), the meat was surprisingly very tender and juicy. The bread also looked dry, but it was very soft, and the homemade BBQ sauce added a kick to the overall taste.

The tender meat and the homemade sauce made this burger one that I would try again, but the double sized version instead. I will definitely come back and enjoy another burger here. My rating for is 4/5.

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