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Burgerlab, located in Parkdale in the suburbs of Melbourne in Australia, is a burgershop offering a pleasant and relaxed environment to enjoy organic free range food. This unique concept venue, once a garage now turned into a burger joint, offers its burger addicts a wide choice of burgers to choose from. Its high open ceiling where the pipes and the vents can be seen still gives it a hint of a garage feel. There are outdoor picnic table seatings and indoor wooden tables and high stool options for those that prefer to stay inside, while still being able to overlook the creative graffiti wall situated on the side of the building.

Burgerlab offers a large organic and free range burger variety menu to cater for all tastes and dietary preferences. From your usual beef patty, to chicken, vegetarian, lamb, and even a dory fillet  with the option of being able to request a gluten free bun for an extra 1$ AUD. I went for the Free-Range Bacon Burger priced at 14.50$ AUD. There aren’t any sides included but for an extra 6$ AUD sweet potato chips can be added to your order.

All beef burgers at Burgerlab are cooked to be medium rare but as always I requested for mine to be cooked well done. The burger arrived on a fast food plastic tray sitting in a branded cardboard burger holder enclosed in a branded wrapper. Within the very soft sesame buttered bread contained the meat, bacon, raclette cheese, tomato, lettuce, shallots and a combination of tomato sauce and mayonnaise. The mixture of all these ingredients was exquisite and the powerful taste of the bacon was like the added cherry on top of a sundae. It was very easy to eat and messy free within the wrapper, however towards the end it was falling apart and I had to take the burger out of the holder to finish eating it.

Although the beef patty was slightly smaller than expected and it was falling apart towards the end, this burger leaves you very satisfied and is simply delicious. It is decently priced as well and for this deserves a 5/5 rating.