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Mr & Mrs Fox


mr-mrs-fox-burger-plateMr & Mrs Fox, an interestingly different dining concept restaurant, presents various experiences based on the floor level. The upstairs is for dining reservations while downstairs is more casual as they serve the lunch menu. The place also turns into a bar in the evening to enjoy drinks. The downstairs has a very rustic feel with modern elements such as an open ceiling and the use of a combination of steel benches with the wooden ones. You can choose to sit at a regular table, the bar or the high tables. It’s definitely worth coming here to enjoy the ambiance.

mr-mrs-fox-burgerThe item that caught my attention from the lunch menu was, of course, the Black Angus BBQ Cheddar Burger priced at 115 HKD. It comes served on an oval black coloured plate accompanied with hand cut spiced fries, which I actually did not swap for a salad surprisingly. There was a “well done” sign on my burger, which I thought was pretty clever, given that is how I requested my meat to be.

The meat was actually not well done at all since I could still see a lot of pink. But it came in a nice fluffy buttery black sesame seed bun along with caramelized onions, lettuce, pickled chilies and some hints of house smoked bacon. There was a lot of BBQ sauce and it essentially overpowered the whole taste of the burger with the odd piece of bacon at times. This is probably the reason why I didn’t really notice how my meat was cooked. It was also very messy to eat and falling apart. I had to use my knife and fork in the end.

mr-mrs-fox-burger-close-upOverall, although the portion of the burger was good, it did not have any distinctive taste. It’s decently priced but I would probably try something different next time. My rating for this burger is 3/5.

The Den


The Den Burger Full PlateThe Den, a little steak eatery located in the mid-levels in Sai Ying Pun on Oaklands Path, is apparently well known for its wagyu meat variety. In fact, there is a very well visible board with a list of steaks to make sure that nobody misses out on the offerings. The place itself is small and very simple with table/booth style seating and a very limited outdoor option.

The Den Burger is what interested me from their menu. However, it is usually not being served on weekends since they only do brunch then, and I went on a Sunday. The waitress asked the chef regardless and they made an exception. Priced at 108 HKD this burger came on a white rectangular plate with a salad that I asked to switch for instead of the usual fries. Despite the waitresses’ surprise, I still requested my meat to be well done.

The Den Burger

The burger arrived with a burnt and hard sesame bun. I’m not sure if the chef insinuated that because I requested my meat to be well-done that he should overdo the bread as well but clearly, he couldn’t be bothered to make a new one. My friend who was accompanying me nicely switched his unburnt bun with me. The meat portion was small but tender, as I had expected since it’s wagyu. It also contained lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheese, an egg and even beetroot. There weren’t any condiments, this burger was virtually tasteless and that definitely would’ve enhanced the overall flavor. It was also very messy to eat as everything kept on falling apart. I had to finish using a knife and fork in the end.

The Den Burger Close UpOverall I was highly disappointed with this burger and also the service. Even though they nicely made an exception by making the burger, they then made it sound like they did such a great favor. When I mentioned the bun came burnt I was basically completely ignored. In the end, they simply should not have agreed to make the burger if they were going to feel burdened by it. Making the client feel guilty in the end is also unacceptable. I do not recommend this burger at all nor the place. I will not be coming back here again and my rating is the lowest which is a 1/5.

The Butchers Club


The_Butchers_Club_BurgerThe Butchers Club located in Central Hong Kong is a well-known place for burgers and duck fat fries. Originally first opened in Wan Chai, this place is famous for its signature burger along with the secret menu that according to rumors changes on a regular basis. With two convenient locations on Hong Kong Island and one in Kowloon, this place has an authentic bar and wooden table with high stools seating, an open kitchen and menu items visible from every angle from their display board.

Th_Butchers_Club_Full_Burger“The Burger” is the famous and simplest burger in this joint. Priced at 100 HKD, it arrived served in a branded wooden block nicely sitting on a paper liner. If you want the duck fat fries you need to order them separately, I decided to go for the burger only.

Evidently I requested my meat to be well done and although it wasn’t as cooked as I normally like it to be the meat was amazingly tender and juicy. Considering that it’s not wagyu I was quite impressed. The freshly baked bun was just soft enough and a great accompaniment to the meat and the mixture of the ingredients; bacon, cheese, tomato, pickle and the secret sauce. It also wasn’t messy at all to eat.

The_Butchers_Club_Burger_Close_UpI was quite impressed with this burger. The meat and marriage with the simple ingredients made it one of the best burgers that I’ve ever had yet. It is great value for your money and I will most definitely come back here again to enjoy this simple yet delicious burger. I give it my 5/5 rating!