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Frosty Palace


Frosty's BurgerFrosty Palace is a small burger venue hidden away in Mar Mikhael, Beirut Lebanon minutes away from the famous Gemmayze street where all the bars and pubs can be found. You have to be somewhat familiar with the area, as taxis will not know where this place is even if you tell them. But it is located within very close proximity to the Happy Prince.

This diner is small yet very welcoming and has a nice cozy ambience. Sits approximately twenty people as it contains only three booths and six bar stools at the counter. Serves amazing milkshakes (from what I’ve been told), high quality teas and to my surprise alcohol. Having lived in Dubai for too long now I’ve become too accustomed to the lack of alcoholic beverage options in restaurants.

Frosty's Burgers Inside ViewI ordered the Frosty’s Burger priced at 20,000 LBP that comes served on a white plate with 170 grams of Australian grass-fed beef, lettuce, tomato and dill pickles. There was mayonnaise and a homemade relish given on the side, which I only added the homemade relish to enhance the taste. For an additional 4,000 LBP I added bacon, 3,000 LBP for Swiss Cheese and 1,000 LBP for caramelized onions. Cheddar can also be added for an extra 3,500 LBP, avocado mash for 4,000 LBP and fried egg for 2,000 LBP.  The meat came too raw for my liking and that was my mistake as I didn’t double check and request for it to be well done. It unfortunately ruined my burger experience since I cannot eat uncooked meat.

Frosty's Burgers EatenOverall, I think the burger would have been much better if it had been cooked to my usual well done liking. The burger patty was very thin, there was nothing special about the bread and it was falling apart. In the end I had to eat the rest with a knife and fork because it was too messy and I was removing the meat as well. On the other hand, it was great being able to eat real bacon, which I must admit I really miss that from living in Dubai.

My rating for the burger is 2/5 and the main reason is due to the uncooked beef. It was my mistake as I should’ve verified when ordering but I would come back and try it again, while making sure that the meat is cooked to my liking this time.