Bobby’s Restaurant & Bar


bobbys-burger-full-plateBobby’s Restaurant & Bar located in Chijmes is an American themed restaurant offering a variety of extensive menu items ranging from appetizers, soups, pasta, burgers & sandwiches, grills, and dessert. This venue has an industrial look and feel with wooden tables and chairs. It also has plenty of outdoor seating options and a big screen TV to watch live broadcastings of games and events. This is the perfect place to come and enjoy the fountain view along with food and drinks.

bobbys-burgerThe burger section of the menu is what naturally caught my attention. I decided to go for the simplest one, the cheeseburger priced at 25.99$ SGD. It comes in a white plate accompanied with french fries.

The burger arrived in a soft black and white sesame seed bun along with caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, gherkins, sauteed mushrooms, and cheese. The meat, although I requested it well done, was cooked medium since I could easily spot pink and it was virtually tasteless. The cheese is the ingredient that you could savour the most along with a hint of the caramelized onions at times.

bobbys-burger-insideOverall this burger wasn’t worth its price and it was bland. I’m not sure if the other burgers on the menu are the same, but if a simple cheeseburger doesn’t have much taste I wouldn’t have much confidence in trying another one. I would probably try something different if I come here again. My rating is 3/5.

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