February 2016 archive

Tribeca Kitchen & Bar


Tribeca_Burger_Full_PlateTribeca Kitchen & Bar, a New York inspired venue located at the Ocean View Hotel in JBR, is a trendy, artsy but yet classic place to be. Known for serving its various organic options, this location is very spacious and consists of furniture ranging from couches, chairs, benches and tables. There’s a bar, dining and chilling areas. There is also an outdoor seating option that can be enjoyed if preferred and when the weather permits. This is the perfect place to come to when you feel like you want to escape the ordinary.

Tribeca_BurgerOn the menu can be found the Tribeca Burger. Priced at 75 AED, this ground beef burger comes served on a rectangular dark stone slate plate in between a black and white sesame seed bun. This burger is normally accompanied with fries, but habitually as expected, I had them swapped for a salad instead. I also requested for my meat to be well done.

What is quite interesting with the Tribeca burger is that it comes with beetroot. Asides from the usual suspects; cheese, lettuce, and tomato, there is also the cajun mayonnaise, caramelized onions and the beetroot that definitely add some spice to the taste. The bread, however, was sweet and falling apart. The beef paddy was also very small and hence it didn’t help with keeping the burger together either.

Tribeca_Burger_InsideOverall the bread was too sweet, the burger was too messy to eat and the meat portion was too small. The combination of the beetroot, cajun mayonnaise, and caramelized onions definitely added some pizzazz to the whole experience but the price is not justified in my opinion, so for this reason my rating is 3/5.



Nola Eatery & Social House


Nola Burger Full PlateNola Eatery & Social House is the recent New Orleans inspired venue that has opened in Jumeirah Lakes Towers by the Armada Blue Bay Hotel. This early 1920’s Louisiana’s concept bar-restaurant has a modern twist offering booth, tables, high tables, bar and even outdoor seating. Jazz music is what you’ll hear and there’s even a live band that plays in the evening. Their menu is comprised of a variety of choices from starters, salads, sandwiches, burgers, cajun grills and main dishes. Nola is definitely a must see to go enjoy jazz music and indulge in food with great company.

Nola BurgerThe main item as expected that caught my eye on their menu was the Nola Burger priced at 75 AED. This black Angus beef chuck burger comes served on an oval wooden cutting board with your choice of side. What I found unique from other places is that they provide you a variety of choices to choose from of either taters or veggies for your side. I decided to try the curly kale. As usual, I asked for my meat to be well done.

The meat was actually quite tender despite the fact that it wasn’t wagyu and that I asked for it to be well done. It sat between a nice and tender white bun and the cheese combined with the pickled relish added a really nice touch to the overall taste. There were the usual lettuce and tomatoes as well included. It was mentioned in the menu that there were fresh oregano and thyme but I didn’t find any distinctive hint of it. This burger was also not messy at all to eat and didn’t fall apart or drip.

Nola Burger MiddleOverall the portion of the burger was good and it had a nice taste to my palate. My only comment would be regarding the bun. Although it was nice and soft it was a bit too soft for my liking and I also tend to prefer bread that is not too plain. But asides from that I would definitely come back and have this burger again and enjoy the lovely atmosphere. My overall rating is 4/5.