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Monty's Beef Burger PlateMonty’s is the restaurant located at The Address Montgomerie in Emirates Hills overlooking the golf course. This modern venue offers seating by the bar, in the solarium and/or a big outside terasse. The menu consists of breakfast and international options.

The beef burger is the item that evidently caught my attention from their menu. Priced at 70 AED this burger comes served on a white rectangular plate and an accompaniment of salad that I had replaced instead of the usual fries. The meat comes automatically well done as other cooking preferences are not offered. I always request my meat well done in any case so it worked out well for me.

Monty's Beef BurgerThe burger was fairly huge and sat in between a white bun that seemed nicely buttered. The main ingredients that came in this burger were carmelized onions, pickles, tomato, cheese, lettuce and a very generous portion of meat. The meat itself wasn’t marinated, was too dry and had no significant distinctive taste. The bun was a bit too toasted and hence made it too crumbly for my liking. The cheese and carmelized onions definitely added the pezzaz to the whole meal.

Monty's Beef Burger InsideAlthough this wasn’t a messy burger at all to eat, it was too plain for my personal liking, hence my overall rating is a 2/5.