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Spikes Burger Full PlateSpikes is a restaurant located at the Al Badia Golf Club in Festival city. This venue has both indoor and outdoor seating. The terrace conveniently overlooks the golf course and the inside has a bar type of atmospheric feel with a modern twist and big screens to watch the games. The venue is open all day and serves anything from breakfast, salads, pasta, mains and grills to cater to all tastes.

Spikes BurgerOn the menu can be the found the Spikes Burger, which is marked as one of the restaurant’s recommendation. Priced at 75 AED, this prime Angus beef burger comes served in a wooden tray with Spikes branded paper liner and a salad that I swapped instead of the fries. For an extra 20 AED I had pork bacon added. The choice of regular or crispy bacon was offered, so I went with the crispy. The meat automatically comes well done as they don’t offer any other cooking preferences, which in my case was fine as I always request my meat to be well done.

Spikes Burger Inside ViewThe burger had a very generous portion of meat that was marinated with parsley and sitting in a black sesame bun. The other ingredients found (asides from the added bacon) were cheddar cheese, tomatoes, ice berg lettuce, red onions and a tomato relish. The meat was tender but could’ve been juicier and the bread not as soft as expected. The crispy bacon was very salty (probably not the best idea to have added that extra as I am not a fan of salt) and the tomato relish was good but overpowered most of the taste of the burger. To my surprise though, given the size of the burger, it wasn’t that messy to eat.

My overall rating for this burger is 3/5 but I would have it again without the added bacon this time as the decrease in salt might make it better for my palate.



Nofara Café


Nofara Wagyu Burger Full PlateNofara Café is a small restaurant located in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Cluster W at the ground level overlooking the lake. It offers a variety of salads, sandwiches and cakes. There is a menu à la carte as well where you can order specific dishes and that includes all day breakfast options. The place has indoor as well as outdoor seating for those who want to soak up the nice Dubai weather during the winter and have a shisha. The inside comprises of a modern wooden rustic decor and chalkboard wall with shelves.

Nofora Cafe Wagyu Burger Close UpOn the à la carte menu can be found the Wagyu Beef Burger priced at 68 AED. It comes served with potato wedges but naturally I had that changed for salad instead. Interestingly enough, since I swapped the wedges for salad the presentation was different then if I had chosen to keep them. The burger came on a white rectangular plate instead of a wooden cutting tray with a knife in the center, which I assumed was for sanitary reasons. As usual I requested for my meat to be well done.

Nofara Cafe Wagyu Burger Half Close UpThe meat was very tender and well done as I had requested and sat in between a nice brioche bun that was soft and fluffy. The truffled burrata cheese and mango chutney were the perfect compliment to the rocket salad and tomate that made this burger have a unique distinctive taste. It was also not messy at all to eat. Overall the mixture of ingredients, especially the mango chutney, made this burger in the top best that I’ve tasted in Dubai so far so I give it a 5/5 as I would definitely come and have it again.


The Beach House


The Beach House Burger Plate WrappedThe Beach House located on the Palm Dubai at the Anantara Hotel is a very chilled and relaxed atmospheric venue by the beach overlooking Atlantis The Palm and Dubai Marina. The restaurant offers its guests both indoor and outdoor seatings with the outdoor seatings options being of lounge chairs and/or tables. A great place to come and enjoy food, drinks and shisha during the cooler Dubai months with friends and enhance the experience even further while listening to music that is played by its own resident DJ.

The Beach House BurgerOne of the main items highlighted on the menu is the Wagyu beef burger priced at 110 AED. The presentation of this burger is quite unique as it comes wrapped in a newspaper printed paper liner branded with the Anantara times. The pickles, lettuce, red onions, tomatoes and coleslaw are nicely placed on the side for you and ready to add in the burger already containing the meat and elemental cheese. The bun was a regular, but nice, white sesame bread.

The Beach House Burger FullI requested my meat to be well done as usual and and was very tender and juicy. The fries I had swapped for a salad as I always do. The mixture of all the ingredients generally worked well but I found that it was missing something. The meat was tasteless, although the quality was great as mentioned earlier, and I felt that the coleslaw didn’t add too much value. I believe this burger could be enhanced by simply having the meet marinated. This was also an extremely messy burger to eat. From the start it fell apart and I had to use my knife and fork.

My overall rating for this burger is 3/5 due to the messiness and tasteless meat. However, I would have it again as a meal option.