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The Scene Dubai


The Herd Burger full plate side viewThe Scene Dubai situated in the well renowned Pier 7 in Dubai Marina is located on the 4th floor consisting of a lounge area, terrace and restaurant seating. The terrace over looks the Marina and is perfect for this time of the year weather in Dubai. The restaurant and lounge has a nice and cozy decor relaxed type of atmosphere comprising of two areas with table, lounge chairs seating, booths and a bar area as well. This place is perfect to come and enjoy a meal and/or drinks. A hint of funkiness can be found on the walls with Beano comic strips.

The Herd BurgerAlthough the menu is not massive it has a Famous Scene section to choose from where The Herd Burger can be found. Priced at 99 AED this burger is made with minced steak cooked to your liking (in my case I requested it cooked through as usual) and comes in a soft and fluffy brioche bread with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, onions and mayonnaise. Two pickles accompany the plate along with chipotle ketchup and the fries that I evidently swapped for a salad all served on a curvy wooden cutting tray.

The Herd Burger Inside ViewAlthough a bit too salty for my liking the meat was marinated, very tender and just juicy enough. I was surprised considering that I requested it well done. Asides from perhaps having too much mayonnaise, which spread a bit all over the bread (although I do like mayonnaise), it wasn’t messy to eat. The mixture of ingredients were good and the bread complimented well. My overall rating for this burger is 4/5 only because of the saltiness since I’m not the biggest fan of salt. I would however definitely come back here and order this again.