August 2015 archive

Taste Kitchen


Taste Kitchen Burger Top ViewTaste Kitchen is a fairly new local restaurant cafe concept located in Mercato Mall, Jumeirah and it is the first branch to open with a couple more that can be found across the city along with what I would assume others to come. What makes this place quite interesting is that it’s not actually enclosed by walls, it is open air and uses pillars to create a separation. Small plants can be found sitting on each table and they also occupy a shelf area as well. Overall this place has a modern rustic concept that utilizes light tones to create a welcoming urban and yet peaceful garden feel.

Taste Kitchen Burger Side ViewOn the menu can be found the TK beef burger, which comes served with fries and is priced at 55 AED. It is presented on a wooden cutting tray and habitually I had the fries changed for a side of salad. As usual I also asked for my meat to be well done. The burger came in a white bun that was soft and fluffy with onions, pickles, dill, ketchup and mustard. Although there was a generous portion of beef and it was juicy, its consistency looked and tasted like it was a patty bought from the store. It didn’t have any particular taste asides from the mustard and pickles that overpowered the burger.

Taste Burger Kitchen Inside ViewI believe the burger could be improved with caramelized onions instead and mayonnaise. It was also a bit disappointing that it didn’t come with any cheese either. The menu didn’t indicate what was included asides from the fact that it was a beef burger. On a positive note though it didn’t fall apart and wasn’t messy at all to eat.

I wasn’t too impressed with this burger and I probably wouldn’t order it again. I would however come back to enjoy the venue as it is a nice and friendly environment to be surrounded in and I would be interested in trying other items on the menu as well. My overall rating is 2/5.