March 2015 archive

Real Madrid Café


Real Madrid Cafe Burger Full ViewReal Madrid Café located at the Beach JBR is a two floor football concept venue where one can enjoy food, live matches on the big screens and of course the view of the beach. There is also a branded merchandising store attached to the restaurant for the fanatic shoppers. Their menu comprises breakfast, lunch and dinner options along with a variety of signature mocktails to choose from and even offers Spanish mineral water. This venue is a great place to come in the afternoon to indulge in food or for game entertainments in the evening.

Real Madrid Cafe Burger Close UpThis café serves a beef burger that arrives on a thick wooden chopping tray with handle accompanied with ketchup, tomato capsicum concoction and a side salad that I changed for instead of the fries. The portion of meat was very generous, which was well done as requested, along with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, cheese and beef bacon. There was a hint of mayonnaise and the bread was a nice fluffy pastry textured sesame brioche bun.

For non wagyu meat that is well done I was impressed at how juicy the beef was and the bacon added a nice smokey flavor to the overall taste that complimented well all the ingredients. Although it wasn’t a messy burger to eat the bread was crumbly but it was delicious nonetheless.

Real Madrid Cafe Burger CutI would come back here again to have this burger priced at 75 AED along with its salad that had a very tasty dressing. The overall atmosphere is also quite interesting and the staff is attentive as well. The chocolate fondant is also a must dessert for those who wish to satisfy their sweet tooth. My burger experience rating for this place is a 4/5.


Café Rouge


Cafe Rouge Full PlateCafé Rouge is a newly opened French bistro located in Dubai’s lovely Souk Madinat Jumeirah. This venue, with its London origins, welcomes you to a classic contemporary rustic atmosphere serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Customers can also enjoy outdoor seating, although limited, making it the perfect place to relax and spend the afternoon surrounded with good company.

The Rouge burger is the only beef burger on the menu. Priced at 58 AED, this 7 oz beef burger arrives served on a white rectangular shaped plate accompanied with a tomato concoction and a side salad that I naturally swapped for instead of the fries.

Cafe Rouge Close UpThe meat comes well done, the only cooking temperature option available (which suits me perfectly as I always ask for my meat to be well done), along with the usual lettuce, tomatoes and red onions. The bread is a brioche bun that is very soft and buttery but nothing that is out of the ordinary. The meat was very juicy but essentially was tasteless and overpowered all other ingredients. Adding the tomato mixture to enhance the taste didn’t make a difference either. Although this wasn’t a messy burger to eat it lacked any distinctive taste. There was an extras option to add crispy beef (7 AED) and Raclette cheese (8 AED) and perhaps this would’ve added some value but I didn’t feel it was necessary when ordering. I was also surprised that there weren’t any condiments included or provided on the side.

Cafe Rouge Burger CutOverall this burger didn’t meet my expectations as I am constantly looking for that peculiar taste. I believe it could’ve been improved with the extras and condiments but my rating without is 2/5. I don’t think I would come back to have the beef burger but I definitely would for the venue and overall atmosphere.