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Located at Pier 7 in Dubai Marina can be found the restaurant bar Fumé. This place, located on the first floor, makes up one of the seven dining venues in the building and has a warehouse concrete modern wooden decor. Amongst their international menu can be found their Angus Rump Burger 200 gr.

This burger is the only burger choice on the menu. Priced at 76 AED, it comes served on a worn out metal plate and a colored knife for an easy cut. I asked for my usual well done meat and the fries to be replaced for salad. Tomatoes, cheese, pickles and iceberg lettuce are amongst the regular included ingredients.

Fume Side ViewThe meat, although it wasn’t wagyu, was extremely juicy and not dry to my surprise. It was however very salty and dripping, which made the overall burger very messy to eat, and turned the bottom bread extremely soggy making the overall burger hard to pick up with your hands. In the end I had to use my fork and knife to finish as it was completely falling apart. The mustard was too overpowering and the sesame bread although just toasted and crispy enough contained too much butter, the top part that is.

IMG_6511Overall I rate this burger 2/5. The main reason is due to the saltiness of the meat as I am someone who doesn’t add salt to anything. It was also too messy and the mustard over powered everything else. Perhaps if they replaced the mustard for mayonnaise you might actually be able to taste and enjoy the other ingredients. It also wasn’t worth the price.