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IMG_6446On Mohammad Bin Rashid Boulevard Downtown is the home to the franchise Bennigan’s, an American Irish themed restaurant. This very spacious venue has plenty of seating indoors as well as out, making it quite an enjoyable environment when the weather in Dubai is nice. From soups to salads and sandwiches to steaks this place serves bigger versions of everything, giving it the much American touch one would expect to experience when dining here.

IMG_6452Bennigan’s has a selection of gourmet burgers to choose from all served on a white bun with 7 oz. beef paddies. I picked the Spicy Chipotle Burger priced at 56 AED, which comes with crispy onions, pepper jack cheese and this garlic chipotle mayonnaise. The usual tomato, lettuce, onions and pickles were also included with the burger. Naturally I changed my fries for a garden salad instead that I had a selection of options to choose from.

The burger came served well done (as I requested) on a white oval plate with coleslaw, a steak knife and the pickles on the side. I cut the burger in half as it was huge and began my tasting. Although it wasn’t a messy burger to eat it didn’t really have any taste. The meat and bread were both dry and I only detected a hint of the garlic from the mayonnaise. The pickles when incorporated in the burger were very distinct but the remaining ingredients were barely noticeable.

IMG_6455Overall I wasn’t too impressed with this burger. It does definitely look better than it tastes. My rating is 2/5 and that is only because for the price you do get a lot. But I probably wouldn’t come back here to have another one again.