November 2014 archive

Social House


IMG_5981Social House located on the lower ground level at the Dubai Mall offers a variety of different cuisines and menus from around the globe that cater to all for any meal of the day. This restaurant has a modern rustic theme with nature’s elements and an olden days touch added to the whole combination. Their menu is conveniently divided into the East and West with their respective headings for easy reference and offers breakfast, lunch and dinner options. This venue also has outdoor seating, which is great when the weather is nice as it overlooks the Dubai Fountain.

IMG_5984Naturally I went for the Wagyu beef burger from the Western section of the menu. This 83 AED priced burger comes served on a dark round plate with fries, but I had them changed for salad. Asking for the meat to be well done, it came with two different types of cheese, brie and emmentale, a fried eggplant, salad, tomato and an onion ring with a special signature sauce. Interestingly the presentation was different than usual as the burger came cut in half and then turned downwards.

The bun was what I believe brioche bread as it was fluffy and buttery with some sesame seeds on top. The meat on the other hand was very dry and the onion ring didn’t have a distinctive taste. I have to admit though that the social house sauce was excellent and helped mask the dryness of the meat at times as every bite taken that was covered with it couldn’t be noticed. However, when barely any of the sauce was present then the full on dryness could invariably be detected.

IMG_5985This burger is really hard to rate because the bun and special signature sauce were deliciously amazing and it wasn’t messy at all. However the meat was too dry and some of the toppings weren’t really noticeable. For this reason my rating is a 3/5 but I would definitely try this burger again and ask for some more of their delectable sauce.


Atelier M


IMG_5912Atelier M is a French inspired two floor elegant venue with a lovely open terrace upstairs overlooking the Marina. Located at its well known fine dining building by the Dubai Marina Mall, Pier 7, this modern Asian and Mediterranean added concept makes this venue the perfect place to go relax and enjoy the view while socializing.

Aterlier M serves a variety of appetizers and main courses to choose from. But inevitably I had to try the Aterlier M Burger. Claims to come in a homemade brioche bun with crispy onion and pickles, this 65 AED burger comes served on a big white plate, with four wedge type fries and ketchup.

IMG_5914The meat was well done, although surprisingly I had asked for it to be medium well, and essentially was dry and had no taste. The bun was crispy on the outside but the bread was too soft on the inside and overpowered any crispiness previously detected. I could barely taste the onion ring (which was quite small), pickles and the other usual lettuce and tomatoes suspects. It came with mustard and was very messy to eat. I must say that I had higher expectations for this burger, given the venue, and it did not live up to them.

IMG_5917The venue on the other hand is definitely a place that I would not hesitate to come back and enjoy, but the burger is not one that I would order again. 2/5 is the rating I give this burger.

Maison Mathis


IMG_4547At the Arabian Ranches Golf Club is the home to Maison Mathis, a Belgium inspired cuisine concept restaurant with a lovely outdoor terrace overlooking the golf course. Very well known for its homemade breads and pastries, this modern yet classic and relaxing venue makes it the perfect place to come out and enjoy an afternoon in good company and appetizing food.

IMG_4548The MM Burger is a grilled prime beef burger that comes served on a branded white plate with lettuce, onions, tomatoes and cheese. The total cost is 75 AED and for an extra 40 AED you can have foie gras added. I ordered my meat well done and naturally had the fries changed for salad. The burger came in a fresh toasted brioche bun that was tender and buttery, along with a homemade mustard and tomato sauce that made it the perfect blend to an exquisite burger.

IMG_4555The meat wasn’t well done as I had ordered but it was tasty and juicy enough so that it didn’t bother me. The portion was just perfect and it wasn’t messy at all. This gourmet burger is one of the best I’ve tasted so far, and quite surprisingly it wasn’t wagyu beef. It’s on the pricey side for a non wagyu burger but I would definitely come here and enjoy it again. My overall rating is 5/5.

Reform Social & Grill


IMG_5771 The Reform Social & Grill Dubai is a gastropub conveniently located in the Lakes. This colonial type restaurant is known for its British cuisine, which can be enjoyed at the bar or outdoors when the temperature permits. This London based venue serves the Reform “Angus Reserve” beef burger.

This 75 AED burger comes on a branded white plate with pickled baby cucumbers on the side and a house salad, which I swapped instead of the fries. Inside the burger were the usual lettuce, tomatoes and onions suspects. For an extra 10 AED I had the vintage cheddar added. I always take my meat well done, however the waitress suggested to have it cooked medium well instead as it would apparently be too dry otherwise. I took her advice and ordered it medium well.

IMG_5774The portion of meat was too small for my satisfaction and it was also dry despite her advice and didn’t really have much taste. I also strongly prefer not seeing red in my meat. The bread was nothing to rave about and was quite dry as well. In the end I asked for extra mayonnaise, which I generously added to my burger in order to compensate for the dryness and lack of taste. It wasn’t a messy burger to eat but because of the small meat portion, the ingredients kept on falling out when getting to the ends.

IMG_5775The place is an enjoyable venue but the burger wasn’t as satisfying as I had hoped it to be and the price was not justifiable either. My overall rating is 2/5.