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Café Belge


Cafe Belge Wagyu Burger PlateCafé Belge, a Belgian themed pub and restaurant located at the Ritz-Carlton DIFC is an upscale venue with a 1920’s design. Serving a variety of Belgian beers and food, everything from the framed prints to the fixtures and marble flooring gives this place an early 20th century elegance.

Opened during Ramadan for lunch, Café Belge offers its Wagyu Burger priced at 115 AED. The Café Belge Wagyu Burger comes served on a rectangular dark stone plate with both salad and belgian fries. Cooked to my well done liking, this burger came with caramelized endives, passendale cheese, salad, onions, a tomato confit and mayonnaise. Ketchup and mayonnaise condiments were provided on the side as well.

Cafe Belge Wagyu Burger Close ViewThe burger contained a very generous portion of wagyu meat that was tender and juicy. The caramelized endives were interesting, as it’s the first time I encounter this, but the tomato confit was too salty for my taste. This was probably meant to balance off the endives but coming from someone that doesn’t add salt to anything made it quite noticeable. The white sesame bun was breaking apart easily resulting in a messy burger to eat. It actually made me question to what extent the bread was fresh. On the other hand, despite its messiness it was not dripping.

Cafe Belge Wagyu Burger Up Close View

Overall the burger was too salty for my liking and I wasn’t impressed with the bun. It was however an unusual mix of ingredients (I’m referring mainly to the caramelized endives), which I thought definitely made it worth the try as the combination was interesting. My rating is a 3/5.

St. Tropez Bistro


St Tropez Gourmet Burger Plate Top ViewSt. Tropez is a French Bistro in Mall of the Emirates on the second floor West end located by Après. There is another branch as well that can be found in Century Village Garhoud. The rustic, brick walls and celebrity portraits gives this Parisian style venue a welcoming yet elegant charming atmosphere. One can also come and enjoy live Jazz music on weekends. I also appreciated how it is divided into a smoking lounge, for those who enjoy their cigarettes, and the remaining non smoking bistro and cafe areas for a smoke-free experience.

It is hard to find a restaurant that is opened during Ramadan in Dubai for lunch, but luckily St. Tropez Bistro is. I came to enjoy the lunch menu that offers the St. Tropez Gourmet Burger for 65 AED. The burger is also offered on their dinner menu with the added option of foie gras at extra costs for those who are interested.

St Tropez Gourmet BurgerThe burger arrived on a white rectangular plate accompanied with mayonnaise in a mini shaped skillet dish and salad, which I swapped for instead of the fries. The generous portion of meat was cooked to my well done liking and came with caramelized onions, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, gherkin and onions.

The meat was very tender and juicy but I thought it could’ve benefited from some marination as it was lacking some taste. The bread was fresh and soft and it wasn’t falling apart or messy to eat at all. I thought that the onions were unnecessary since it already contained the caramelized onions.

St Tropez Gourmet Burger Inside ViewThis is definitely one of the best non-wagyu beef burger I’ve encountered in Dubai. The place is also very nice and comfortable with friendly staff. I will be coming back here again to enjoy another burger or try a different item from the menu. My overall rating for this burger is 4/5.


La Serre Bistro & Boulangerie


La Serre Burger PlateLa Serre Bistro & Boulangerie is a French bakery café concept with bistro located downtown in the Vida Hotel. This modern yet welcoming atmosphere is known for serving its customers with fresh and organic ingredients. The bistro is on the second floor and offers a different menu from the boulangerie, which is situated downstairs. Needless to say, I had to come and try the burger, and that can be enjoyed at the bakery section of the restaurant.

La Serre Burger Close ViewLa Serre Burger is priced at 80 AED and comes served in a multi seed bun on a white plate with tomato, lettuce and fries. I changed my fries for salad as I usually do and for an extra 5 AED I added the cheese. For 15 AED you can have bacon added, but since it wasn’t real pork I decided to pass.

The meat was cooked to my well done liking, was very tender and possibly marinated. For a burger that wasn’t wagyu, I must say that I was generally impressed with its savoriness. The bun was fresh and toasted perfectly. It absorbed all the liquid of the meat very well, or perhaps it was butter that was added, but in any case it wasn’t falling apart at all and not messy to eat. The cheese was a great compliment to the overall burger.

La Serre Burger Up CloseThis burger is one of the best that I’ve tasted in Dubai that wasn’t wagyu beef. I usually favor the wagyu burger as I believe that they are more delectable, but I have to admit that this place has done a good job at combining the right ingredients to create the nice flavor. Slightly overpriced as they could’ve been more generous with the meat portion. For this reason my overall rating is 3/5 but I would come back here again to enjoy another one should the occasion arise.


The Ivy


The Ivy Hamburger PlateThe Ivy, a high end restaurant located in Jumeirah Emirates Towers, was initially founded in London’s West End. This venue has a green leathered, dark colored theme and dim light British setting and is apparently a direct replica from the original.

The menu consists of traditional British cuisine but the particular dish that caught my eye and that I had to have of course was the Ivy Hamburger priced at 125 AED. This burger comes served on a white branded plate in a fresh toasted sesame bun with a dill pickle and club sauce nicely presented on a tomato and slice of onion. It also came accompanied with what seems to be a homemade ketchup that had a nice vinegary distinctive taste.

The Ivy Hamburger Close UpNaturally I swapped my fries for salad and asked for my meat to be well done. The generous portion size meat was very savory (I believe it might have been marinated), although it came a bit too pink for my liking and was slightly dry. The bun was fresh but the sides were burnt which gave it that BBQ charcoal kind of taste. On another note, the pickled club sauce added a nice touch to the overall experience and it wasn’t a messy burger to eat.

Overall it is a nice place to come to and the service is good, but I didn’t find the price is justified and my rating for this burger is 3/5.