May 2014 archive

The Burger Joint New York


BJNY Instructions SignsThe Burger Joint New York is a newly opened burger place at City Walk, the recently introduced outdoor shopping mall concept in Dubai. Although not too pleasant to get to during the summer, as it involves walking in the heat under the scorching sun, it is well worth the visit to see this New York restaurant metal staircase, wooden tables, colorful writings and cardboard decor.

All the items are presented on hand written cardboard menus and each one has its own colors and styles. There is also an instructions cardboard sign that can be found hung by where all the burger cooking magic happens. I selected the Double Cheese Burger priced at 55 AED thinking that one meat patty would be too small, as suggested by the waitress. I ordered it well done with all ‘the works’ as they call it that comprises of onion, sliced pickles, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard. If you wish to have fries they can be ordered on the side since they are not included with the burger.

BJNY Close Up ViewBJNY BiteThe burger came wrapped in paper and on paper plates in a simple plain bun and was too big. One patty would have been more than enough and I actually had to remove one at some point, as it was getting too difficult to eat and the meat was completely over empowering all the toppings and condiments. It wasn’t a messy burger to eat once I removed the extra meat, and it was well done and juicy enough for my liking, but I still found that the meat was the only main item being detected.

I found this burger too simple as I much prefer the tasteful gourmet ones and I thought it was a bit expensive for what you actually get. My overall rating is 3/5.

The Butcher Shop & Grill


Dagwood Burger PlateThe Butcher Shop & Grill is a South African chain with many branches located across the city. These chains are known for their butcheries included within the restaurants giving them that unique concept and hence its name. The one I went to was at Mall of the Emirates situated by Vox Cinemas and Ski Dubai. I evidently went to try their signature burger, the Dagwood.

The Dagwood burger comes with beef bacon, cheddar cheese, fried egg, greens, tomato, caramelized onions and mayonnaise. I asked for it to be cooked well done and it came served on a white plate accompanied with fries, onions rings and coleslaw. I normally change my fries for salad, but I wanted to keep the onion rings and both come as a package. This 55 AED burger looked massive at the first glance but that was the impression the bread gave. This white bun was actually extremely soft losing most of its volume when applying pressure on it.

Dagwood BurgerDagwood Burger Close View

It was slightly on the messy side since the bread was so soft it melted within the ingredients and pushed everything to the edge. The meat however was very tasty, tender and I assume that it was perhaps marinated. I was a bit surprised to find that there were caramelized onions within this burger as I couldn’t really taste them but I saw them nonetheless.

If the bread hadn’t been so soft and the caramelized onions more evident, it would definitely have been better. My overall rating for this burger is 3/5.


Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse


Ruth Chris' Burger Plate Top ViewRuth Chris' Burger Full PlateRuth Chris’ Steakhouse located at the Address Hotel Marina Mall is a famous American restaurant known for its steaks. This high end modern decor steakhouse has a welcoming staff and offers some of the best food in the city. For 109 AED, Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse offers a lunch menu which consists of a choice of appetizers, entrées and dessert. I chose the beef carpaccio for my appetizer, the USDA prime cheese burger for the main meal and the crème brûlée for dessert.

Ruth Chris' Burger Close ViewThe burger came served on a white rectangular plate in a sesame toasted bun separating the meat and cheddar cheese on one half and the onions, tomato, lettuce and pickles on the other. It was accompanied by a salad, which I asked to change instead of the fries, and homemade chimichurri. Cooked to my well done liking, once this burger was pieced together it was actually very dry (probably due to the toasted bread) and essentially tasteless. Although it didn’t really fall apart while eating, the bread was in my opinion too hard and even incorporating the chimichurri didn’t add a distinctive flavor but did soften the bread. I believe this burger would’ve been much better with mayonnaise added.

I would definitely come here again to enjoy the lunch menu but I wouldn’t have their burger a second time. On the other hand, the appetizer and desserts were excellent. My overall rating for this burger is 2/5.

Bystro Restaurant & Pastry House


Bystro Burger Top ViewThe newly opened Bystro Restaurant & Pastry House, conveniently located in Al Manara beside Jones the Grocer, is an inviting simple wooden decor eatery with friendly staff. The variety of different pastries are well displayed in the center with a set up of magazines on shelves and a high bar table making it a suitable environment to come and get a bit of work done.

This nice little bistro style is the home to the very well priced 49 AED Bystro Burger. This well portioned burger comes served on a white rectangular branded plate and well done meat with a side of coleslaw. I was surprised that they didn’t ask my preference for how I wanted my meat cooked but luckily it came to my liking and they agreed to change my fries for salad.

Bystro Burger Plate left viewBystro Burger Close ViewThe homemade bread was soft and stayed well together making it not a messy burger to eat. It was however dripping a little too much. The homemade relish was excellent with a hint of caramelized onion flavor and the combined lettuce tomato and swiss cheese made it a nice mix.

Although I still rate Jones the Grocer as one of the best burgers I’ve had in Dubai, ironically located right beside, my overall rating is 3/5.



Cabana Burger Plate Side ViewAt the Address Hotel Dubai Mall is a fantastic place to lounge by the infinity pool on a sunny afternoon known as Cabana.

The Cabana burger is a prime beef burger which comes with lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, house pickles and the special cabana sauce. Served on a white plate, this burger comes with a fair sized portion of meat cooked to your liking, well done, in a thick cheese bun.

Cabana Burger AloneThis meal comes with fries and salad but I changed the fries for salad only. The special sauce in the burger really added a nice touch and the bun made a huge difference as well. Although at times I found that the bun was overpowering, the meat was nice and so was the overall taste. It was not a messy burger to eat, which enhanced the experience, and it did not fall apart at all nor was anything dripping.

Cabana Burger Half EatenThe atmosphere of this place was so nice and relaxing and the burger was great. I would definitely recommend coming here to enjoy the pool, sun and of course the burger. Priced at 80 AED, it was worth it and my overall rating is 4/5.

Double Decker


Double Decker Beef BurgerDouble Decker, an English themed pub situated in the Murooj Rotana Complex downtown by the Dubai Mall serves a variety of different burgers.

I had the Double Decker Burger, a U.S. black Angus beef burger served on a white rectangular plate in a sesame bun and containing lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, red onion, cheese and the choice of turkey or pork bacon. It is not common to find places that serve real pork in Dubai, so choosing the pork bacon was definitely a treat. The waiter didn’t asked how I wanted it cooked but I told him well done in any case.

Double Decker Beef Burger UpcloseMy usual fries swap for a salad was applied and it also came with a side of coleslaw. Overall, this 74 AED fair sized portion of meat burger was very messy to eat and I didn’t find anything exceptional or outstanding about it. But it did the job in satisfying my craving for the week and my rating is a 3/5.