April 2014 archive

Jones the Grocer


Jones Wagyu Top ViewJones the Grocer is an Australian gourmet chain located in Al Manara Sheikh Zayed Road, with more branches in Abu Dhabi, serving food and delicacies on top of having its own grocery. This modern yet relaxed atmosphere café style offers one of their very well known mains, the Jones Wagyu Burger.

The Jones Wagyu Burger comes with a marinated paddy served cooked to your liking for the price of 69 AED. For an extra 6 AED each item, you can have truffle mayonnaise, caramelized onions and cornichon added. Melted truffle brie can be added for an additional 19 AED and foie gras for 35 AED. I always order my burger well done with the truffle mayonnaise and caramelized onions as extras. The standard toppings, cheese and salad are already included along with the Jones special sauce. As usual I changed the fries for salad.

Jones Wagyu Middle View

Jones Wagyu Side View

This artisan burger is by far my favorite and to this date the best I’ve tasted in Dubai. The meat is tender, perfectly marinated and the combination of ingredients and condiments just make sense. The bread is fresh and just soft enough. The portion size is just right, not too big and not too small, and it’s not a messy burger to eat.

The Jones Wagyu Burger never ceases to disappoint me and I will keep coming back to enjoy it. It’s worth every dirham and definitely a 5/5 rating.


Two Six One (261)


261 Ernie's Burger Top ViewTwo Six One (261) located at the Eels Club in Dubai Sports City is a nice sports bar offering an amazing view of the golf course while enjoying a breakfast, lunch or dinner with both indoor and outdoor seating options.

The Ernie’s burger priced at 66 AED was definitely worth a try. Due to the minced beef, they only offered for the meat to be well cooked, which suits me as that is my preference anyway. Although you can definitely taste the difference between a minced beef paddy versus wagyu (wagyu is generally better), the generous portion and various ingredients definitely made this burger worth a try.

Ernie's Burger Inside ViewServed on a regular plate with coleslaw and choice of fries or salad, this burger comes with caramelized onions, fried egg, veal bacon, pickles and the usual lettuce, tomato and cheese toppings. The sesame bun was soft and due to its massiveness was quite messy to eat. I had to use my knife and fork in the end. Although the burger could have been much better if it had been wagyu beef and real bacon, I tend to find that when there are too many ingredients it becomes quite tasteless as the mixture makes it hard to distinguish what you’re actually savoring. However, in this case the caramelized onions empowered the overall flavor which I personally found good.

261 Ernie's Burger Plate

I would most likely come back and have this burger again. My overall rating is 3/5.

The Counter – Custom Built Burgers


The Counter Plate Located in the new development at The Walk Jumeirah Beach Residence, this burger bar allows you to custom build your own burger to your liking. Starting at 39 AED, this place enables you to choose your meat’s weight (known to be hormone and anti-biotic beef free), cheese, toppings, sauce and bun.

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed and start adding elements that don’t match well together. The secret to a good burger in my opinion is to keep it simple by adding the correct toppings and condiments. I built a burger that contained savory swiss cheese, dill pickle chips, jalapeños, ripened red tomatoes, organic mixed greens, crispy onion strings, chipotle aioli sauce on a wheat bun with meat that was well done. The wheat bun I found was too soft as I much prefer firmer breads.

The Counter Plate ViewI found that the burger didn’t taste much at first but then I started eating it with a knife and fork, due to the fact that it was getting a little too messy to eat with my hands, and that’s when I started enjoying the flavors . It luckily enabled me to start tasting the ingredients separately rather than all at once, hence making each bite more enjoyable.

I will definitely come back here again, but will hold back and limit what I add to it while making sure the mixes are compatible. I rate this burger experience 3/5.

May’s Café


Maybury Burger PlateConveniently located adjacent to the Dubai Marina metro station in Dubai Marina is the Maybury Deli Café, located above and part of the Maybury Grocery. Having the option to sit outside is also nice while the weather still permits.

The Our Fabulous Maybury Burger priced at 70 AED is served on a regular plate and consists of two fairly thin beef patties amongst the usual tomato, lettuce and onion toppings. Asking for salad instead of fries that came in a glass, was far better than the burger itself. It was a very messy burger to eat with the bread being too soft for my liking. Ironically every bite tasted different, which was either the mayonnaise, cheese or some other sauce that was mainly noticed.

I will unlikely be coming back here for a burger again as I rate it 2/5. I would however come back to enjoy the salads.

Belgian Beer Café


Belgian Beer Cafe Burger Sky ViewBelgian Beer Café is a popular franchise very well known for its Belgian Food and Beer and is home to three convenient locations across Dubai (Festival City, Madinat Jumeirah and Tecom). Famous for its Belgian Beer, Leffe, and Belgian style food the Wagyu beef burger with truffle mayonnaise is definitely worth a try.

The Belgian Style Cheeseburger is cooked to your liking and arrives on a wooden block accompanied with mayonnaise and what seems to be sweet caramelized onions. The bun is nice and fresh and the meat is more than one could expect with the lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. The generous portion makes up for the 85 AED cost and for an extra 35 AED you can add a portion of foie gras, which I am yet to try one day. I also do my usual of replacing my fries for salad.

Belgian Beer Cafe Burger PlateThis Belgian Beer Cafe Burger plate is my ultimate favorite item on the menu with a dark Leffe to accompany that I have every time I eat here. My overall rating for this burger is 4/5.

Urban Bar & Kitchen – UBK


UBK Burger PlateUrban Bar & Kitchen located at the Mövenpick Hotel in Jumeirah Lakes Towers is a recently newly opened Gastropub serving a 75 AED priced Wagyu burger.

The place is nice and very modern, but a bit too upscale for my liking as it doesn’t really feel like you’re in a pub but rather a small fancy restaurant. As usual when I ordered my burger, I asked for it to be cooked well done and I must say it is rare that my request isn’t met.

It arrived on a wooden tray, as most burgers do in bars/pubs, with a garlic sauce on the side and my habitual salad that I replaced instead of the fries. Included were the usual toppings and despite the fact that it came with a very generous thick portion of meat, I found it a bit dry. The garlic sauce added more taste and made it better in my opinion but I thought that even that could have been improved.

I found this burger a bit pricey for its content but my overall rating nonetheless is 3/5.