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More Café


More Burger More Burger Close Up

More Café is a well known name in Dubai that has been around in the region for over a decade. Multiple branches can be found across the city and the brand continues to expand as they open more restaurants and penetrate other markets. Having a warehouse type of atmosphere and an extensive international menu selection (the menu pages is being held together by a nut and bolt on a wooden board) this place keeps attracting people to enjoy its food and decor.

Cooked to your liking, which in my case is well done, this 64 AED More beef burger was not as good as I once remembered it. Either it was one of those days where the chef is off or it has simply changed since the last time I’ve had it. I’m still impressed by the way it arrives with its multi level stand of toppings, condiments and the More logo added on the top of the burger. The sesame bread, even though looks very appetizing, was too thick, dry and didn’t add much value. The overall burger wasn’t tasteful but luckily could be masked with all the various toppings and condiments that are included. Let’s just say I added a lot of mayonnaise which did the trick 😉

Either my expectations have grown higher over time or I’m not coming on the right days but my rating for this burger is 2/5.

The Rivington Grill


Rivington Burger PlateThe Rivington Grill is a British upscale restaurant located in Souk Madinat Jumeirah with another branch in Souk Al Bahar .

The Rivington burger priced on the high side at 120 AED, comes as either Welsh rarebit or Applewood smoked cheddar and cooked to your liking. I choose the Applewood smoked cheddar well-done. Served on a wooden tray with a salad that I swapped instead of fries, tomato, lettuce, onions, pickles and what appears to be a homemade tomato concoction.

Rivington Burger Close-UpThe burger consisted of a very generous portion of meat, which was very tender but a bit too salty for my taste. Bear in mind that I do not put salt in any of my food, so the slightest hint of it definitely doesn’t go undetected. Most people salt their food so I’m sure the majority would find this perfect. Apart from the saltiness, the meat was excellent and the overall mixture along with the homemade tomato blend definitely makes this a burger you have to try despite its price.

I would come back and have this burger again but ask for no salt to be added to the meat. My overall rating is a 3/5.




Tom&Serg House WaterThis new Melbourne inspired Café located in Al Quoz has a very welcoming industrial warehouse style. In fact, it reminds me a lot of Jones the Grocer. This restaurant offers an AM and a PM menu, but of course I had to come for the PM food to try out the Tom&Serg burger.

The house-water, which comes in a Tom & Serg vintage glass bottle, is free and they have a variety of coffees and teas to choose from should you want something warm.

Tom&Serg BurgerFor the Tom&Serg burger, you have the choice of ordering a single for 39 AED or double for 49 AED. The waiter suggested that a single would be enough for me but to be honest I thought it was too small. There wasn’t enough meat for my liking and I was still hungry afterwards. Guess he saw my size and thought I wouldn’t be able to handle a double. Although it was a good burger with lettuce, tomato and cheese, I was disappointed with the bread. It was very simple, plain and nothing special about it at all. I also believe that the aioli probably played a big part in making the burger taste better. .

Tom&Serg CoffeeEven though I wouldn’t go out of my way to have a burger here again, I would definitely come back to try the breakfasts and enjoy the overall atmosphere. I rate this burger 3/5.




Barasti BurgerOne of the busiest beach bars in town and walking distance to my home can be found the popular venue Barasti. Located in Dubai Marina on Mina Seyahi’s beach, this bar is home to many expats who join up for drinks, gatherings and watching the live games (Football and Rugby). Within their variety of items on the menu is a well known favorite, the Barasti Beef Burger served with curly fries.

Needless to say, I’ve had this burger many times before and it’s probably one of the few places that you can find it served with real pork. This time however I was disappointed with the burger. Even though there was a generous portion of meat cooked to my well done liking and it came with the lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese toppings, it was dry and the bun wasn’t that great. The overall taste wasn’t as satisfactory as I once remembered it. It was not worth the 85 AED pricing. On the positive side, the curly fries were excellent.

Perhaps I came on a bad day, the chef changed or they just plainly lost their touch but on that day my rating for this burger was 2/5.

Paul Café


Paul Café is a famous French bakery chain with a number of branches that can be found across the city. Best known for its breads, salads and pastries, this shop offers a nice decor and ambiance with outdoor seating. I went to the one located on the JBR Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residences.

Paul Cafe BurgerPaul Cafe Burger New BunThe Hambourgois is a USDA beef burger cooked to your liking, well done in my case, served on a regular white plate. For 49 AED, this burger came accompanied with lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles. As usual I swapped my fries for salad.

I must say that I wasn’t really impressed with the burger. First it came with a bun that was completely burnt, I was appalled that the staff even brought it to me in the first place. When I said something about it, they advised me that they didn’t have anymore buns and that it was the last one. They then offered to provide me with another type of bread that I agreed to. They brought me back the burger in a ciabatta bread. I was disappointed with this burger as the meat didn’t have an exceptional taste and the ciabatta bread definitely did not compliment the burger well.

I would not come back and have this burger again. Perhaps it was the experience I had on that day but in any case I think it would have been better if they had simply told me that they were out of burgers. My overall rating is 1/5.



Fraiche BurgerConveniently located close to my work in Jumeirah Lakes Towers is Fraîche Café & Bistro. An interesting decor venue consisting of many lights and dark furniture provides a modern urban look and feel concept to the place, which makes it very inviting to have a nice FRAICHE burger for lunch.

Decently priced at 65 AED, this burger is served in a modern looking plate with choice of salad or fries. Cooked to your liking everything about this burger was good. The meat was tender, the bun was nice, fresh and grilled on the outside and overall the ingredients mixed well together. My only comment in order to improve this burger experience would be to ask for the English mustard on the side. Even though I love hot condiments, I must admit it interfered a tad with my burger enjoyment but was worth it nonetheless.

I do plan on having another burger here someday and rate this burger 4/5.