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Burger Rebel


IMG_2319Located near Wafi Gourmet at Wafi Mall can be found Burger Rebel. I’ve read a lot of hype about this place since it’s opening back in 2012 as it is known for its out of the ordinary choices of burgers, hence the rebel part in the name.

As I flipped through the short menu there didn’t seem to be much to it. Until I asked the staff who then brought me another one on an iPad which contained all the sliders, burgers and ironically hot dogs. The sliders sounded amazing and I was going to order a mixture (they come in a plate of three), but to my surprise this is not something that can be done even if offering to pay more. Since I didn’t want to be restricted to one kind, after all I didn’t know if they would be good or not, I decided to order the American burger priced at 37 AED. Who can go wrong with an old fashioned burger, asides from the fact that it doesn’t come with real bacon but that’s a factor you learn to accept when living in the Middle East.

The burger arrived on a wooden block tray with fries. I forgot to asked the waiter to swap my fries for a salad and naturally it was too late and they wouldn’t make the exception. Even though the bread was nice and there was a generous portion of meat, the overall taste was nothing to brag about. I had greater expectations for this place and perhaps their specialty is really the sliders.

If I ever go back I will definitely not choose the same burger and go with the sliders instead. My rating for the American Burger is 2/5.