April 2013 archive

Les Péchés de Pinocchio Restaurant


Burger de Boeuf AngusLes Péchés de Pinocchio Restaurant, located in a small town called Magog in the Eastern Townships, is situated on the main street beside the Jack-O restaurant. Close to the Memphrémagog Lake, this nice, warm and cozy ambience, yet elegant, little gem serves amazing food.

The Angus Beef Burger comes served on a white rectangular plate with choice of fries or salad. The bun was nice and fresh and the meat well cooked, as it always is in Quebec, with the expected cheese, lettuce, tomato and bacon toppings. Everything about this burger was excellent. The portion was just right, the meat was juicy enough and the taste was simply amazing.

The staff was very friendly and for 16 CDN$ (before taxes), I would definitely have this burger again and plan to the next time I’m in town. My overall rating is 4/5.