25 Degrees Burger, Wine & Liquor Bar


Twenty Five Degrees Burger, Wine & Liquor Bar is located in the Hotel G on Middle Road near Bugis. With its origins from Los Angeles, this nice cozy American styled burger joint has a nice wooden pub decor and serves a variety of burgers along with the option to craft your own should you wish to put your creativity at work. Interestingly, the name 25 Degrees refers to the difference in the temperature between a burger that is raw versus one that is well done. With mainly indoor seating options, this place also offers some outdoor seats when the window is opened for those who prefer to be directly out in the air.

The menu caters to most dietary requirements as it serves beef, fish, turkey and veggie burgers. I decided to go for one of their classics, Number One priced at 17$ SGD, which contained the beef patty, two types of cheese (crescenza and prelibato gorgonzola), bacon, caramelized onions, argula and the thousand island sauce. There aren’t any side orders included, but everyday for 5$ SGD they have happy hour (buy 1 get 1 free), which includes french and curly fries and onion rings. We went ahead and ordered the onion rings and the curly fries.

The burger was served on a white rectangular plate wrapped in a branded wrapper and lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle on the side. As usual I requested for my meat to be well done and it was very tender and juicy, however it didn’t have any taste. The flavour came from the bacon and the cheese only and there wasn’t a noticeable distinction of the sauce. The bread was dry and it was a messy burger to eat.

Overall I didn’t find anything special about this burger and it wasn’t that tasteful. It also took almost one hour to get served, despite the fact that there weren’t that many people in the restaurant. I also thought it was very odd that the lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle were on the side, especially since eating a raw onion isn’t pleasant. I wouldn’t come back here to have a burger, therefore my rating is a 2/5.




Hans im Glück


Hans im Glück, located on Orchard Road by the International Building, is a German restaurant from Munich known for its gourmet burgers and has chosen Singapore to be the first place where they open an International branch. This wood themed concept burger grill and bar provides and extensive outdoor and indoor seating option while surrounded by birch tree trunks and oak furniture; tables, block chairs and benches. The overall ambience gives the impression that you’re having a meal in the middle of the forest.

They have an extensive menu of burgers that cater to all dietary preferences; beef, chicken, vegetarian and vegan. I went for the KÄSE & SPECK, a juicy beef burger with aged cheese and bacon priced at 17$ SGD. You can choose your bun from sourdough, multigrain or you can also simply choose to go naked. The meat also automatically comes cooked well done.It doesn’t include a side order but for 6$ SGD I added the SÜSSKARTOFFEL FRITTEN, which are sweet potato fries.

The burger was served in a rectangular plate with the well done meat sitting between the multigrain bun option I chose. The meat was tender and juicy, although I thought the patty was a bit small (there is an option to double it up for 4$ SGD extra), however it was a perfect mix and balance with the lettuce, onions, cheese and bacon. The burger also came with the HANS IM GLÜCK SAUCE and a hint of what tasted like spicy mustard. All the ingredients blended well and made this one of the best burgers I’ve had in Singapore. It wasn’t messy at all to eat, which is always a plus.

I thought that the bread was a tad dry, but the sauce and the juicy beef didn’t make it noticeable at all while eating. This burger was delicious and I would come back here again and try their other burgers. My overall rating is 5/5.




Burgerlab, located in Parkdale in the suburbs of Melbourne in Australia, is a burgershop offering a pleasant and relaxed environment to enjoy organic free range food. This unique concept venue, once a garage now turned into a burger joint, offers its burger addicts a wide choice of burgers to choose from. Its high open ceiling where the pipes and the vents can be seen still gives it a hint of a garage feel. There are outdoor picnic table seatings and indoor wooden tables and high stool options for those that prefer to stay inside, while still being able to overlook the creative graffiti wall situated on the side of the building.

Burgerlab offers a large organic and free range burger variety menu to cater for all tastes and dietary preferences. From your usual beef patty, to chicken, vegetarian, lamb, and even a dory fillet  with the option of being able to request a gluten free bun for an extra 1$ AUD. I went for the Free-Range Bacon Burger priced at 14.50$ AUD. There aren’t any sides included but for an extra 6$ AUD sweet potato chips can be added to your order.

All beef burgers at Burgerlab are cooked to be medium rare but as always I requested for mine to be cooked well done. The burger arrived on a fast food plastic tray sitting in a branded cardboard burger holder enclosed in a branded wrapper. Within the very soft sesame buttered bread contained the meat, bacon, raclette cheese, tomato, lettuce, shallots and a combination of tomato sauce and mayonnaise. The mixture of all these ingredients was exquisite and the powerful taste of the bacon was like the added cherry on top of a sundae. It was very easy to eat and messy free within the wrapper, however towards the end it was falling apart and I had to take the burger out of the holder to finish eating it.

Although the beef patty was slightly smaller than expected and it was falling apart towards the end, this burger leaves you very satisfied and is simply delicious. It is decently priced as well and for this deserves a 5/5 rating.



Omakase Burger


Omakase Burger, located in Wisma Atria inside the Picnic Food Park Level 3, specializes in “American” burgers despite what its Japanese name might imply otherwise. The picnic food park is an interesting place as it resembles what its name indicates, a garden themed food hall. The decoration consists of artificial indoor grass, trees, plants, picnic tables and other wooden style tables to suit small and large groups. The restaurants are in food truck concepts that you order from and have to go back and get to make it feel even more like you’re in a park.

Omakase is apparently known for its Apple Wood Smoked Bacon, which you can find in their Apple Wood Smoked Bacon Cheeseburger and Ultimate Cheeseburger. They were out of their famous bacon, and as they are known for this I didn’t want to try it and have it replaced with some other ordinary bacon for the same amount. I therefore decided to go for the simple Omakase Cheeseburger priced at 16.90$ SGD, although their website indicates that it’s 2$ cheaper. The burgers also don’t come with any fries or salad, so I decided to do without.

Since this is a food hall you’re given a pager and it lights up when your food is ready to be picked up. The burger was given in a black food basket and sitting in a branded wrapper. As usual I asked for my meat to be well done and it came with lettuce, tomato, American yellow cheese and their secret sauce.

The burger was quite disappointing. The bread was dry, the beef patty was small and I couldn’t really tell what their secret sauce was as there wasn’t any distinctive taste. It was also dripping but at least I wasn’t bothered too much since it was contained within the wrapper.

My overall rating for this burger is 2/5 as I don’t find that it’s worth the money and doesn’t match the price on their website. They also didn’t have their famous bacon, which doesn’t give much hope for trying the other burgers. The bread was dry, although they also claim to have a premium bun. I would definitely come back to the Picnic Food Park but I wouldn’t order from Omakase Burger again.


Three Buns Burgers & Cocktails


Three Buns Burgers & cocktails, by Potato Head, is an interesting burger joint concept that occupies three levels with a rooftop terrace in an iconic heritage building on Keon Saik Road in Chinatown. The first floor is the kitchen and the second level is the main dining area where all the creativity from this venue can be absorbed. The walls are painted with drawings and decorations, and statues can be found all around the room. Customers sit at wooden tables and chairs accommodating all group sizes and the dim lights make the overall ambiance feel somewhat more intimate in the evening. This place is also known for its fun and creative beverages.

The menu contains a vast array of gourmet burger options that cater to all preferences and dietary restrictions. I went with the Baby Huey, priced at 17$ SGD. What was a bit disappointing is that the burgers don’t automatically come with fries or a salad. They have to be ordered separately. I decided to go for the burger only.

The burger was served on a squarish wooden plate and wrapped in the branded three buns dog logo wrapper, There was a sticker on the wrapper with the face of what looked like a cow, probably to indicate that it’s beef, and the name of the burger. The meat was well done, as per my request, and it was very tender and so tasty. The patty size though was significantly smaller than that I had expected. However, the combination with the cheese, pickles, ketchup, spiced mayonnaise, and the soft brioche bun made the burger just melt in your mouth.

The taste of the burger surpassed my expectations, but it was was way smaller than I had anticipated especially given its high price and the fact that it doesn’t include a side order. It also wasn’t messy at all to eat, which is always a plus. My overall rating for this burger is a 5/5, however it is definitely on the high priced end. If I factor the price in the rating then it would be a 4/5, but focusing on the taste is a definite 5/5.


* Apologies for the quality of the images, the lighting at the venue was too low so I wasn’t able to capture the images properly as I usually do.


Two Blur Guys


Two Blur Guys, located on Tanjong Pagar Road but yet hidden between an array of Japanese restaurants with a not so apparent sign, is a small gourmet burger joint. Although spacing is quite restricted, the restaurant offers outdoor and indoor seating for your convenience. It doesn’t have a distinctive ambience since even the tables aren’t uniform and varies from two person to bar height tables. Nevertheless, the menu choices for burgers caters to all preferences from beef, pork, chicken and smoke salmon.

From their many different types of burgers, I decided to go with what is considered the safe option when a signature burger isn’t advertised anywhere. In this case this was the Prime Beef priced at 15.95$ SGD. The burger arrived on a nice wooden block with potato wedges topped with cheese and garden greens.

I requested my meat well done, but it arrived with more pink, hence not cooked enough for my liking and the patty was also thinner than normal. At least the meat was tender and juicy and it sat between a wholemeal bun. The combination of the gruyere cheese and truffle mayonnaise definitely added a much needed kick to the tasteless meat. The tomato and sweet relish were also a good compliment to the burger.

Overall the burger was good and the cheese and truffle mayonnaise definitely played a big role in enhancing the overall flavour of the meat. The bun was very simple and it always bothers me when my meat is not well done as I request it to be. Although it wasn’t a burger that was falling apart, it was greasy making it a bit messy to eat and the patty felt too small to justify the price. For these reasons I give it an overall rating of 3/5.



OverEasy, an all-American diner and bar with two convenient locations, Fullterton and Orchard, serves the classics from burgers and fries, mac & cheese to milkshakes. The Fullterton venue is the waterfront location that overlooks the iconic Marina Bay Sands and close by the famous Merlion. With the choice of outdoor and indoor seating, modern yet vibrant colours, this place is everything you need to find that diner-style experience that you’ve been looking for and a little more.

The Fullerton outlet has a set lunch menu for 26$ SGD, where one of their signature burgers is offered, the “To Die For”. The burger is served on a white rounded blue checkered pattern plate with a side of fries. The pickle interestingly sat at the top of the burger and was held by a toothpick with an OverEasy flag. You will notice as well that lately I’ve been having the fries instead of swapping them for a salad. For an extra 2$ SGD you can upgrade to truffle fries but I kept the regular ones.

This burger contained the regular lettuce, tomato, onions and cheese ingredients that you expect to find. I requested my meat to be well done as usual, but it was medium as the pink could clearly be spotted. The generous portion of meat was very tender and juicy though. The overeasy’s special burger sauce definitely enhanced the overall flavour as well. The bun on the other hand reminded me of a McDonald’s bun and eventually became very soggy due to the juiciness of the meat and the sauce.

The burger was nice but I am always bothered when my meat is not well done. The bun was also too plain. However, I would still come back and enjoy another one as the meat with the special made it very tasty. I give this burger a 3/5.

Fatboys the Burger Bar


Fatboys the Burger Bar, as its name indicates, is a burger bar located on Orchard Road by Dhoby Ghaut MRT with many different outlets spread across the island for convenience and a presence established in Malaysia and China as well. This venue has a cozy diner style look and feel and features a variety of burgers. It even allows you to byob (build your own burger) in order to cater to specific tastes. They claim that you can create up to 4,400 burger combinations. This is definitely the place to come if you wish to have full control of your plate.

Overwhelmed by their menu and the many choices of burgers along with the option to create your own, I went with what is usually considered the safest – one of their signature burgers. I chose The Wimpy, which is a single version of their famous Fat Basterd. Priced at 15$ SGD, it comes with a side of fries and you can choose your meat (beef, lamb or pork), which comes served medium well unless instructed otherwise. I went with the beef of course and requested my meat to be well done as I always do.

The burger arrived on a white rounded plate and the meat sat between a sesame seed buttered bun with a Fatboy the Burger Bar flag toothpick sign inserted in the middle. It contained bacon, cheddar cheese and a fried egg. The tomato and lettuce were placed on the side. Although the patty was thin (I should’ve went for the double beef Fat Basterd), the meat was surprisingly very tender and juicy. The bread also looked dry, but it was very soft, and the homemade BBQ sauce added a kick to the overall taste.

The tender meat and the homemade sauce made this burger one that I would try again, but the double sized version instead. I will definitely come back and enjoy another burger here. My rating for is 4/5.

Bobby’s Restaurant & Bar


bobbys-burger-full-plateBobby’s Restaurant & Bar located in Chijmes is an American themed restaurant offering a variety of extensive menu items ranging from appetizers, soups, pasta, burgers & sandwiches, grills, and dessert. This venue has an industrial look and feel with wooden tables and chairs. It also has plenty of outdoor seating options and a big screen TV to watch live broadcastings of games and events. This is the perfect place to come and enjoy the fountain view along with food and drinks.

bobbys-burgerThe burger section of the menu is what naturally caught my attention. I decided to go for the simplest one, the cheeseburger priced at 25.99$ SGD. It comes in a white plate accompanied with french fries.

The burger arrived in a soft black and white sesame seed bun along with caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, gherkins, sauteed mushrooms, and cheese. The meat, although I requested it well done, was cooked medium since I could easily spot pink and it was virtually tasteless. The cheese is the ingredient that you could savour the most along with a hint of the caramelized onions at times.

bobbys-burger-insideOverall this burger wasn’t worth its price and it was bland. I’m not sure if the other burgers on the menu are the same, but if a simple cheeseburger doesn’t have much taste I wouldn’t have much confidence in trying another one. I would probably try something different if I come here again. My rating is 3/5.

Mr & Mrs Fox


mr-mrs-fox-burger-plateMr & Mrs Fox, an interestingly different dining concept restaurant, presents various experiences based on the floor level. The upstairs is for dining reservations while downstairs is more casual as they serve the lunch menu. The place also turns into a bar in the evening to enjoy drinks. The downstairs has a very rustic feel with modern elements such as an open ceiling and the use of a combination of steel benches with the wooden ones. You can choose to sit at a regular table, the bar or the high tables. It’s definitely worth coming here to enjoy the ambiance.

mr-mrs-fox-burgerThe item that caught my attention from the lunch menu was, of course, the Black Angus BBQ Cheddar Burger priced at 115 HKD. It comes served on an oval black coloured plate accompanied with hand cut spiced fries, which I actually did not swap for a salad surprisingly. There was a “well done” sign on my burger, which I thought was pretty clever, given that is how I requested my meat to be.

The meat was actually not well done at all since I could still see a lot of pink. But it came in a nice fluffy buttery black sesame seed bun along with caramelized onions, lettuce, pickled chilies and some hints of house smoked bacon. There was a lot of BBQ sauce and it essentially overpowered the whole taste of the burger with the odd piece of bacon at times. This is probably the reason why I didn’t really notice how my meat was cooked. It was also very messy to eat and falling apart. I had to use my knife and fork in the end.

mr-mrs-fox-burger-close-upOverall, although the portion of the burger was good, it did not have any distinctive taste. It’s decently priced but I would probably try something different next time. My rating for this burger is 3/5.

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